Wednesday, February 19, 2014

BFA: Adobe Short Film

Sneak peek of what I've been working on (and therefore, lack of posts). 

Part of our BFA class has been largely dedicated to creating a set of short films for Abode's Creative/Research Team. The goal is to inspire Abode's think tank with the possibilities and impact of future technology. 

My team and I have been exploring the concept of the Future Classroom, and how new holographic and interactive technology can help improve learning (as well as teaching) in a classroom.

Below are some early visuals I made of the futuristic classroom, along with ideas of how holograms can enhance the space.

At one point, we had the idea of making the classroom similar to a simulated-motion ride, where students can feel themselves floating through space, or feel the rumble of approaching dinos. 
But then, what the heck, why should the kids be tied down? 
Let them run free through the classrooms!

Character designs for our Teacher

This film is currently production, so keep a look out for more Adobe work :)

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  1. You should get ahold of me, we have created the futuristic classroom and have 20 yrs. of research and development we are very excited about this.
    Send me an email and we can talk. thanks JaNells